3 smart ways to keep yourself cool during a heatwave

The temperature is rising in the UK as summer beckons again, but with the El Niño event already affecting weather around the world, it’s likely this summer will be hotter than years previous. It’s not just cyclical climate patterns that are heating up the UK though; according to Imperial College London, climate change made 2022’s heatwave more intense and at least 10 times more likely.

All this means that we need to be more on top of beating the heat – keeping comfortable and healthy even as the temperature rises. To help, here are three ways you can stop the heat and enjoy your summer to the max.

Keep the room cool

There are several ways you can keep the room you’re in cool during a heatwave. First, if there is a breeze outside, open windows on the shaded side of your property, and close the curtains on the sunlit side. This will let cooler air enter while excluding the sunlight.

Next, consider investing in an air conditioning fan, such as these – perfect for the middle of the day, or for rooms and properties that are stubbornly hot. Finally, open all your upstairs windows at night. This will allow a breeze to remove latent heat from the day and reset your home’s temperature, rather than it being stuffy from the start.

Keep yourself wet

Your skin is the key to removing heat from your body. If you keep it wetter, then heat will be transferred from your body to the liquid, then evaporated away – it’s the whole reason we sweat!

As such, have a cold shower or buy a spray bottle to douse your skin in cool water. If you’re at work, roll up your sleeves and drench your lower arms and wrists in cold water. Why? Well, there are lots of blood vessels near the surface of your skin, so cooling that skin with cold water will draw heat from your blood and allow the cooler blood to circulate around your body: it’s something even Kangaroos do!

Eat lightly

Big, heavy meals packed with carbs, fats, and protein will make you feel hotter, so try and swap these heavier foods for lighter options. Salads, sandwiches, soups, and stews are good options, with the latter being a good option due to its high water content – hydration being key during a heatwave. Cold foods like fruits are also a good choice

What do you think is the best way to stay cool in a heatwave? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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